Verify Vivazen

This site was established by Vivazen to educate consumers about fake Vivazen products that have recently hit store shelves. Here you can verify if products you’ve already purchased are authentic, learn how to spot fakes and what to look for to ensure the products you are buying are original Vivazen, manufactured by United Naturals, Inc., the only company that legally makes the product.

Fake Vivazen products have been seen at a few online retailers, as well as on store shelves in Alabama, Georgia and New Jersey, but they may be in more locations across the U.S. Beware before buying and watch for a suspiciously low price. If you may have purchased a fake, do not consume and contact the Vivazen customer hotline.

Vivazen is committed to providing our customers with the quality products they expect and is extremely concerned with the introduction of these fake products on store shelves. That’s why we’re taking action to protect our customers and the product they love. On December 10, 2015 we filed a legal complaint against the manufacturers and distributors illegally producing and selling fake Vivazen. We take this matter very seriously and will pursue legal action against any and all entities making or selling Vivazen.​ Read the full complaint.

Verify Vivazen

The lot number can be found on the bottom of the bottle, please include all characters (numbers, letters and symbols). Lot numbers may appear in the following patterns: 023-J2-04, VA15022890#1, VC151201AL, VC15022.

For example, as seen in the picture below, you would enter VC151201AL and then click verify.


If you’re having trouble verifying your code online, please call 1-800-309-0275.

Contact Us

If the product you’ve purchased is a fake, or you believe you’ve seen fake products on your retailer’s shelves, please contact the Vivazen customer hotline at 1-800-309-0275.